Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making Pan-Fried Beef Dumpling

Staying at parent-in-law place isn't so bad. As I am living with unmarried bro and sis-in-law too, there will always be food in the 'periuk'. Hubby is working all day and by the time he comes home is always Supper-Time! I on the other hand, have so many time at home after I work. I decided to create/cook something they don't eat at home. Previously, I had my hands on Prawn Wanton. It was not easy to get a 'halal' recipe online. So after much thought and research, I come out with my own style. Didn't took photo of it, will do so when I am cooking it the next time. =)

Two days ago, I decided to try dumplings. I bought minced beef last week and did not know what to do with it. So I stumped upon a website on how-to-make Gyoza. A kind of Japanese more-vegetable-than-beef dumpling. Here is a video of how to make them. I kind of find this video from 'Cooking with Dog' cute. I can imagine the dog giving instructions in the video. LOL..

I made a simpler version for my beef dumpling.
Cabbage, green chilli, 'daun sup &bawang', garlic, beef, salt and pepper.

Hubby was very excited making them.


Didn't took any photo of cooked dumpling as we were too happy with the outcome. yum yum...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Wedding Invitation Exposed!

I realised I rarely post on my wedding progress. hehehe.. Well, I will just review them instead. I will start of with my wedding invitation.

Previously I post on my wedding card design. It was actually difficult to get a vendor who can print the design exactly how you want it to be. 
  • Firstly, you have to consider whether your design is a 1-colour or 4-colour printing. One colour means your design/writing are all in one colour example, black. And four-colour, means print exactly how you design. 
  • Type of paper - Cards are definitely printed on a special paper as its for special occasion (not the normal A4 printing paper, 80gsm) So the different texture, paper type (matte or smooth) and thickness, makes a lot of difference  to the pricing.
  • Number of cards printed - The more it is, the cheaper it will be. 
  • Budget - one must have a budget on their invitation cards printing or you will spend more like double or triple than buying the ready-designed cards.

These are actually an eye-opener for me as I do not know anything about printing at all until I enquired. I am inviting only 500 guests so I only need around 250 to 300 cards. Most of the printing companies are giving me prices like $400 to $500 for that amount as my design is of 4-colours. =( 

And because of that, I decided to just print the cards on my own. As I have designed and printed our cards, certificates for my workplace before, I somewhat know how to print them on my own. I do not have a proper paper printer at home so I used my workplace's. hehehe.. Cheat-a-bit lah... The difficult part about printing cards on your own is CUTTING into cards! Imagine I cut piece by piece as some are not in line so I can't cut two or three at once. And furthermore, I made two layers card so double the cutting process. huahahahaha.. 

I posted most of the process in my Instagram. Let's go back in time! 

 It was definitely worthy. All the efforts that I put in and with the help of my family, I managed to complete all the folding and pasting.

 I also designed a simple card for hubby's friends. Didn't took a photo of the complete one. I felt that this was nicer than mine. lol

After I posted out the cards to my close friends and colleagues, I was quite surprised with the feedback I received whether it is posted in social media or face-to-face. Alhamdulillah. Many said they had never seen one before.

Made with Love
By the (ex)Bride

Monday, May 13, 2013

Maternity or baby self-photoshoot?

Maternity photoshoot has always been on my mind even before I got married. The feeling of being pregnant and seeing your body changes are once in a lifetime. Though most mothers will exposed their tummy for their photoshoot. There are quite a number of maternity photoshoot which I felt should be 'rated'. Some mummys and daddys to-be are almost naked!! Aaahhhh.. I know.. It so weird if one day your child wants to see how mummy was before he appear in the world and pictures of you and husband and the tummy with very little clothing on. hehe... 

I stumped upon these self-taken photos of the changes throughout the pregnancy. Its so cute! I want to do it too!!

 Or before and after delivery?

Ok this is my favourite. Baby's growth within a year with the same romper. 
Adorable much!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Changes in pregnancy

Till today, I am thankful to Allah for giving me many wonderful people around me who cares and helps me throughout this pregnancy. 
(I look like half awake here. sigh..)
And I am also thankful for giving me such a reliable and understanding husband. My cravings for food and endless time when I need a pee-pee in the early morning (1am to 3am), he will be there to accompany me to the washroom (coz me so scared) =P

They say you will have sleepless night during your last trimester because of the weight and it has become less comfortable. Me having it every night. Its so difficult to get a comfortable position. Saw this online. Maternity pillow. haha.. ada jer orang-orang ni nak invent. Bagus juga lah.. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Instagram on Web IMPROVED!

Two years back, when I first download and register Instagram on my iPhone, the first thing I did was to check if they do work the same way on the web. No it didn't. And their website was just a simple login webpage for you to register as new member, login to view your profile only or reset your password. 

There were a lot of rumours on the change in privacy setting and pictures uploaded becoming public after Facebook buy over Instagram, People were worried and some threaten to leave Instagram if it does happen. (which it doesn't of coz)

Forget about that, now their website has definitely upgraded and becoming so much better!

The pictures on the header is so cool. They can change on its own. 

You can now see your pictures uploaded, the number of likes and can even comment on them.

Cool right..

Sticky Post

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